19th Century Slat Bushel Basket
Antique Hand Painted Teaching Globe
Handmade Writing Chair, Signed
Stag Firedog
Industrial Gas Cover Mold
Vintage Iron Basket
“IS” Sign
VIntage Handmade Tool Cabinet
Vintage Gas Sign
Vintage Boy’s Suits Sign
Vintage Palm Reader Sign
Vintage Boy’s Suits Sign
Baptism, by May Kugler
Carter’s Escort, NYC, by Benny Carter
Donation, Oil on Board
Carnival Sign
Antique Gilded Letter “C”
Carnival Sign
Folk Art Black Cat Sculpture
African American Clothespin Bag
Folk Art Scroll Sawn Cat
Vintage Snakes and Ladders Cloth
Carnival Game Fish Pieces
Antique Embroidered Autograph Handkerchief
Antique Carved Carnival Ring Toss Heads
Vintage Man Walking Sign
Cast Doll’s Head Mold
Simple Cycle Children’s Toy
Folk Art Primitive Sink
Folky Striped Slide Box
Antique Catcher’s Mask
Folk Art Carved Tailgate
Frida Kahlo
Folk Art Game Board with World Theme
Cut Price Sign
Vintage Bear Lake Sign
La Porcherie
Boy with Truck
Folk Art One Man Band
Lawn Bowling Ball
Sheet Metal Rooster Weathervane
Geometric Hooked Rug
Vintage Felix the Cat
Vintage Frogs Sign
Couple with Gin Bottle, by Eddie Arning
Wall Tin with Native American Theme
Watercolor of Clown, by Ben Starrels
Folk Art Figures
Pair of Folk Art Figures, attributed to Marques
Folk Art Whimsey Man
Clowns and Ghosts, Charles Ramsey, Jr.
Folk Art Elephant Hooked Rug
Graphic Hooked Rug
Running Man, by Eddie Arning
Blossom Time, by Doris Lee
Wedding, by MC 50ยข Jones
Slatted Wood Planter
Geometric Form
Antique Gilded Letter “E”
Victorian Running Horse
Vintage Kodak Sign
Tryon Toy Noah’s Ark
Chinese Checkers Board
Michigan Rummy Game
Folk Art Double-Sided Gameboard
Hand Carved Valance
Antique Finial
Antique Architectural Pediment
Trout Catching a Fly, by A.D. Turner
Gilded Landscape
Primitive Farm Scene
Painted Door Table
Lancaster County Painted Chairs
Demilune Table
Vintage Sandpainted Garage
Vintage Panels from a Children’s Car
Vintage House Bank
Set of 7 Antique Glass Canisters
Vintage Metal Heart Golf Markers
Steel Petanque Balls
A New Trail
Thomas Osborn, Bookseller, by Weber
Chinese Girl by Hans Bohler
Folding Farm Table
Antique Tap Table
Painted Hanging Corner Cabinet
Landscape, by Harry Dix
Drawing, by Charles Dieter
Balinese Woman, by August Mosca
Portrait of Charles ODonnell
Student Art Work Book
Portrait of a Fencer
Antique Decorators Ladder
Antique Ship Trade Sign
Glass Top Industrial Table
Railroad Ecstasy, by Charles Ramsey, Jr.
Railroad Scene, by Charles Ramsey, Jr.
Railroad Tower, by Charles Ramsey, Jr.
Vintage Seed Box
19th Century Wood Bin
Vintage Cremo Cigar Trunk
Vintage Architectural Pediment
Folk Art Shoe Mold Sculpture
Carousel or Theater Ram Head
Vintage Bakers Box
Vintage Right Turn Sign
Painted Slide Box
Victorian Sand Painting
Victorian Keepsakes
Victorian Sand Painting
Sheet Tin Rooster Weathervane
Nail Board
Sheet Tin Duck
Group of Folk Art Stars
Hand Painted Carrom Board
Painted Game Wheel
Early Painted Blanket Chest
Primitive Chippendale Slant Lid Desk
Antique Trencher
Hand Made Ring Toss Game
Pair Vintage Painted Folding Chairs
Vintage Primitive Black Limberjack
Fashion Watercolor
Antique Architectural Window Fan
Vintage Photos Greyhound Drivers
Victorian Underground Painting
Primitive Sailboat Race
Painting of White Rhododendrons
Abstract, by Vera Stravinsky
Vintage Suitcase
Pepsi Cola, By H. Dalmus
Bank & Trust Sign
1930s Car Drawings
Wooden Letter ‘Q’
A Dream, by May Kugler
Vintage Block Game
Painted Opera Ceiling Tin
Clown Bottle Doll
Vintage Keeno Game
Folk Art Accordion Player
Pond Boat
Pair Primitive Bird Watercolors
Cast Iron Dog Bank
Round Painted Pantry Box
Grace Bartle Painting
Lynx Painting
Folk Art Skunk Bench
Tin Can Car
Folk Art Giraffe
Hand Carved Wolf Plaque
Devil Puppet
Hand Carved Boy Scout Plaque
Ten Little Indians
Artist’s Folding Easel
Circus Chairs
Grocery Bag Holder
Sunburst Garden Ornament
Pair Iron Ornamental Garden Stands
George Washington Lithograph
Vintage Uncut Punch and Judy Doll
Vintage Uncut Pug Doll
Folk Art Clown Acrobat
Sign from a Traveling Circus
Margit Nilson Manikin Miniature
Hooked Rug
Vintage Handpainted Sign from Auto Shop
Floral Hooked Rug Runner
Untitled Railroad Painting
WPA Watercolor of City Island, NYC
Railroad De-Electrification
Vintage Lawn Bowling Balls
Gloeckler Butcher’s Rack
Vintage Parlor Ten Pin Game
Carnival Ring Toss Game
Collection of French Milliner’s Heads
Mid Century Playground Ride
Painted Sheet Metal Rooster
Elmore Sheet Metal Sign
Sign Made from a Shooting Target.
Group of Mid-century Graphic Hat Boxes
Set of Four Iron Café Chairs.
Panels from an Arcade Shooting Game.
Pair of Zinc Finials
18th Century Reeded Chest
Vintage Sweater Form
Sand-cast Iron Foot with Relief
Enameled Sheet Iron Letter
Boot Rack
Painted Mid-century Wooden Trade Sign
Hand-forged Spiral Racks
Music Educational Posters
Anton Reiche Buddha Chocolate Mold
Metal Heart Doormat
Vintage Piano Keyboard
Porcelain Cast Iron Soda Fountain Stool
Arcade Knock Down
1st Down Marker
Industrial Safety Sign
Fence Made from Tobacco Staves
Figures from a Portugese Cart
Beaded Fruit
French Gilded Leaf Planter
Frieze Panel from a Portugese Cart
Set of Handcarved Wooden People
Memory Pot
Mid Century Career People
Pair of Painted Indian Clubs
Pair of Painted Indian Clubs 2
Pair of Painted Indian Clubs 3
Painted Cast Iron Table
Wrought Iron Table Base
Cast Iron Table with Zinc Top
Painting by William Patten
Jung Koch Quentell Botanical Poster
Two Musicians by James Bayens
Tool Chest with Drawers
Horse Race Game Wheel
Vintage Handmade Garage
Bauman Half-Scale Mannequin
Lobi Snake Currency
Mannequin in Yiddish Newspaper
Vintage Doll’s Head
Arcade Cat Knockdown
Vintage Arcade Knockdown Doll
Vintage Tool Cabinet
Vintage Industrial Desk
19th Century Apothecary
Hand Painted Fish Rack
Mitten Stretcher
Folk Art Fence Staves
Franklin Galvinized Bucket
Slatted Kentucky Basket
Vintage Apple Basket
Vintage Butler Towel Rack
Zinc Barn Finial Details
Folk Art Turtle
Vintage Nautical Blocks
Vintage Educational Brain Chart
Keystone Steam Roller
Vintage Industrial Mold
Surveyor’s Rule, 1915
Painted Geometric Box
Vintage Children’s Bench
Antique Burl Bowl
Marx Knock Out Target Shooting Gallery
Vintage Black Limberjack
Tool Carrier/Wooden Box
Folk Art Boy Scout Totem Pole
Vintage Wooden Glove Form
Antique Bride’s Box
Handmade Model Airplanes
French Industrial Shelf
Gold Sheaf of Wheat Table
Antique Tin Catch Basins
Vintage Simplicity Sewing Doll
Vintage Decorative Industrial Ring
Vintage Signboard Painted Letters
White’s Physiological Manikin Chart
Naive Painting of Boy on Bike
Portrait of a Young Girl
Double Sided Trucking Sign
African Woman Bust
Brass Dish