Folk Art
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Folk Art Tabletop Game Board
Primitive Game Board
Primitive Parchesi Game Board
Pair Vintage Bunnies
Folk Art Dominoes Box
Carnival Knock Downs
Vintage Primitive Carnival Doll
Folk Art Coal Miner
Knock Down Carnival Figure, on mount
Early Ship’s Deadeye, on mount
Millinery Fabric Leaf Mold, on mount
Early Ship’s Deadeye, on mount
Spare Medical Supplies Carrier
Geometric Hooked Rug
Folk Art Carved Bird House
Vintage Painted Elephants
Noah’s Ark, by William Hargreaves
Pair of Folk Art Giraffes
Pair of Nude Bookends, “The Twins”
Heart Form Industrial Sculpture
Folk Art Olympiads
Pair of Vintage Houses
Primitive Whirligig
Folk Art House, wired
Heart Painted Box
19th Century Document Box
Painted Floral Pantry Box
Carved Stone Face, by Dave Marshall
Carved Scottie Plaque
Folk Art Contortionist
Vintage Limberjack
Stepping Toms
Tin Man Limberjack
“Woody” Boat Model
Folk Art Rabbit
Vintage Ocean Liner Model
Painted Game Wheel
Decoupage Card Game Board
Folk Art Dartboard
Memory Jug
Folk Art Ashtray
Folk Art Shell Construction
Folk Art Cow
Vintage Box and Bowling Game
Folk Art Bulldog
Vintage Magician’s Box
Hand Carved Cat Plaque
Vintage Tool Box
Folk Art Erotic Figure
Folk Art Muffler Man
Folk Art Carnival Figure
Folk Art Trucks
Six Folded Cigarette Paper Rings
Vintage Red Truck
Painted Cutlery Tray
Folk Art House Altar
Floral Hooked Rug
Mitten Forms
Eel Spear, F.S. Kent
Wooden Glove Form
Painted Horse from a Children’s Ride
Folk Art Bandleader
Vintage Pond Boat Model